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Pembroke Welsh Corgis

A litter of six puppies which were whelped naturally on June 22, 2008.  Of the six puppies, there are three red & white males, one red & white female, and two tri-color females.  Call us for more information!

Golden Willow Clancy, the sire, has lived here since 2002 when we purchased him as a puppy.  The dam, Amsburg's Heatwave (Eve) has been with us since 2004 (also purchased as a puppy).

Golden Willow Clancy
Golden Willow Clancy exemplifies the typical Corgi attitude.  He is active, athletic, and intelligent.  He is also well behaved.  Clancy has matured into a beautiful, structurally sound dog that typifies the Pembroke standard.
Amsburg's Heatwave (Eve)
Amsburg's Heatwave (Eve) is a very energetic and sweet Corgi.  She's very talented at herding cattle and sheep.  She really enjoys working and loves to ride along wherever we go.  Eve has a very impressive pedigree, with numerous champions, a ROM sire and ROMX sire in her background.

Previous Litters
A litter of six puppies which were whelped naturally on March 11, 2007.  Of the six puppies, there is one tricolor male and two red and white males and one tricolor female and two red and white females.

A litter of eight robust puppies was whelped naturally on April 22, 2006.  They were raised on the ranch and had a lot of love and attention.  They interacted well with children and cats.  Their tails were docked and their dew claws removed.

Of the eight puppies, four were female and four were male. There were two tricolor males and two red and white males.  All of the females were red and white.  Individual puppy descriptions are as follows.  If you are interested in our future litter, please let us know!

Syd - SOLD
Syd is a puppy with a low-key attitude and a very inquisitive nature.  He's not afraid to go off exploring, but will just as readily curl up into your lap for attention.  Update: Syd had found a home in Massachusetts, where we are sure he will do well!
Manny - SOLD
Manny is a big, sweet and laid-back puppy. He loves attention and is easy to please. His gentle nature would make him a great family dog.  Update: Manny has found a home in Sheridan.
Diego - SOLD
Don't let Diego's one-ear-up-one-ear-down innocence fool you - he's a puppy with a lot of spunk!  Diego is outgoing, energetic and assertive.  He is one of our favorites and would probably do best with an owner who has previous experience with dogs. Update: Diego will be living in Sheridan, Wyoming..
Hoot - SOLD
Hoot is another favorite. He's a larger puppy and his personality so far seems balanced in all the right ways - he is outgoing, but not demanding, inquisitive, but not too independent.  He is also, we might add, extremely lovable.  Update: Hoot is heading to northern Colorado, see a photo of him as an adult.
Wendy - SOLD
Wendy has one of he most adorable, prettiest Corgi faces you will ever see. She is another well balanced, sweet puppy with a very intelligent look. She is outgoing and at the same time more of a "quiet" (but never timid) puppy. She is self confident without being overly assertive.  Update: Wendy has found a home in Butte, Montana.
Ellie - SOLD
Ellie is a very energetic puppy with a very "classic" Corgi look. She is a puppy that you notice right away - she has a certain puppy "charisma" and is spunky but well-behaved. Update: Ellie is heading to a ranch in southern Wyoming.
Penny - SOLD
Penny is a devoted little ball of energy. Once you have her attention, she will play eagerly with you without ever getting too rough. She is a sweet puppy with plenty of personality. Update: Penny has found a home in Wyoming, see a photo of her as an adult.
Fay  - SOLD
Fay is a sweet, energetic puppy that likes to play as hard as she likes to nap. She has a very "feminine " look and her generous white markings make her one of the cutest puppies.  Update: Fay has a new home in Sheridan, Wyoming.
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